Sunday, July 11, 2010


When I was in college, jogging was pretty much everything to me. It was my sanity, my health, my connection with heaven (I used the time to pray and ponder), my stress release, my time outside. My so much. The worst thing I could think of happening was to blow out a knee or something and not be able to run.

I haven't run since my first pregnancy. Three children in three years pretty much was worse to my running career than a blown knee would have been. Add to three children the two bulging discs in my neck and I'm just never again going to be a runner.

And you know what? I'm ok. I miss it, and I was in much better shape back then, but it wasn't the end of the world.

You can probably tell from my blog that I loooooove tennis. I was raised with a tennis racket in my hand. I played tennis in high school. My first date with hubby was on the tennis court. (My first kiss as a teen was on a tennis court, but I digress cuz that just popped into my head and I found it funnily fitting.) Our summer family time has been spent largely on the tennis court.

And it was just suggested to me last night by my physical therapist cousin that when it comes to taking care of my messed-up neck, even running would be better than tennis.


I felt kinda sad last night as I thought about the possibility of having to give up tennis to preserve my body.

My husband's compassionate response was:

"Well, at least you can still play tiddly winks."

Ah, yes, the options are still so broad and exciting.

(But he is funny. He makes me laugh every day.)


  1. I think we have to balance body and spirit, brain and sanity. My RS pres gave up running because of her knees, but when those same knees became iffy with regard to her tennis, she got new knees. Not that you can get a new neck, but sometimes there are worse things you can do than preserve your body, if it leaves you no way to use it that you love. Hopefully there is a PT who can help you find a middle ground, or that you can find a middle ground yourself (that isn't tiddly winks).

    Here's hoping you can find the balance that works for you, even if for the time being it consists of telling PT cousin to keep his opinions to himself :)

  2. I've had to give up a few things due to my health, and I don't like it! What I do is try to "give" myself something else to replace it. It's never an even trade, but it does take away the sting a bit.

    Hope you can still manage some low-key tennis now and again, though.


  3. I'll play tiddly winks with you. :(