Thursday, July 22, 2010


I can tell when I'm not feeling good because I tend to slog and blog more. I haven't been doing my typical blogging and commenting for a while, but I've slipped back into it. And I at once hate it because it's indicative of my current state and I feel like a flake. But also in a way enjoy it because I really do enjoy chewing on ideas. And sometimes something of this speed (as in sit and think and that's it) is all I have energy for.

Blech. Chronic illness is hard. Is that just a whine? Maybe, but sometimes I just have to say it anyway.

That's all for today.


  1. "Chronic illness is hard." A truth, not a whine.

    Just sayin'...


    PS. Hugs to you, Michelle. Hope things ease up soon!

  2. I cannot imagine going through such a hard thing and love that you are open, honest and faithful about the whole thing. What you told your son about why people suffer touched me in a way I can't describe. Mostly though, thank you for your incredibly kind comment on our blog. It meant a lot and I wanted to let you that. You will be in my prayers.