Friday, April 30, 2010

My week at a glance

As mentioned previously, I'm grateful for 24-hour pharmacies. (Extra points if you can figure out what book I took with me.)

This is my daughter's photo shared in a slideshow of student photos - a class project sponsored by a local photographer. (Had fun absorbing the photo tips myself.)

I love our fish. We recently got new ones, including "Little Leppy" next to "Leppy" -- short for leopard, since their coloring looks leopardish.

This picture came just a few days before we realized that our two goldfish were very sick. Did you know that when you get new fish, you aren't supposed to dump in the water from the store? I hate learning things the hard way. Now our whole tank is infected. Bleh. It was interesting to realize tonite how much the tank is usually a source of peace and tranquility for me. Not so much this week. 

I will just say that I'm proud of myself. I didn't lose it. Just took a deep breath and asked my husband to get the camera. It splashed as far up as the counter, over to the fridge and dishwasher. But the floor is clean, now, probably cleaner than it's been in a while!

I was excited to pick up this piece of furniture that I helped the furniture guy design. We are thrilled with it.

Not so thrilled with the fact that we can't yet put away winter coats, cuz, yeah, we still are getting snow around here.

Went to a couple of classes at Women's Conference. Awesome. More to come on some of my reflections, probably on my other blog.

Didn't get pictures of the funeral of my friend, or the garage sale preparations, but those have been big things this week, too. (Very big, actually.) And, I'm adding that I wish I had a picture of the pickup truck I FILLED with stuff for the dump. Losing that kind of weight is exciting in its own right.

What's your week been like?


  1. I know the book! Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, no?

    That splatter picture almost made me sick to my stomach. Oy.

    Love the coat/shoe/organizer thingy. I need one of those. (I also need sun so we can put winter stuff away. It's MAY already, for Pete's sake!)

  2. i'm with you on the coat anxiousness. we have something similar with hooks...but i am sooo tired of the big, puffy coats hanging there. we were just talking about how nice it will be to have them tucked away...far away.

    and, just following your week in pics makes me tired. the spaghetti sauce? really?? ugh.

  3. Annette, yes you are right. :)

    Gin, that's been the pace of my month, actually. Ugh, but yeah, we actually laughed about that one. I took a pic with the sauce that splashed on my wrist but worried that might be a little too, I don't know, insensitive to real problems.

    And besides, at least the glass didn't break, right?

  4. Hey, I would know that book anywhere! As for the kitchen mess--that's pretty much the only way anything gets cleaned up around here. : )